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EASY TICKET BOOTH 6,5m² (new model!)

Are you looking for a sturdy and safe ticket booth for the sale of coins, tickets or merchandise at a festival or event? Then invest in an Easy Ticket Booth from Cabin Construct. This chalet has a surface area of 6.5 m², three sales windows and a counter for the cash desk. The chalet can also be fully closed.

No one likes to stand in line for long receipts. With the Easy Ticket Booth you guarantee smooth and safe ticket sales at all times. The chalets can be safely locked.

Easy assembly

The ultimate advantage of the Easy Set Up Chalet

  • Galvanised or powder coated steel floor frame
  • Reinforced wooden side panels in colour of choice
  • To be assembled by means of a click and slide system
  • Can be assembled in 4 minutes using 2 people

Now with a new design! 

The new design makes it possible to remove the panel with the hatches so that the chalet can be used as a sales booth, bar, etc. A two-in-one design!


  • Dimensions 2.9m x 2.25m
  • Easy assembly
  • Linkable with each other
  • In accordance with the European standard EN 13782
  • Sustainable transport and storage thanks to smart design
  • Burglary resistant: Each chalet can be locked.
  • User-friendly: 3 safely lockable sales windows as standard. Openings in walls for power supply.Openings in walls for power supply.
  • Extra options: shelves, beds, heating, lighting.

Possible designs

  • Standard 3 sales windows
  • Door at the back or on the left or right

Optional extra windows in side or rear.
For more info about the rates, please contact us.