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Would you like to know more on how our structures are transported? Perhaps you would like more information about our actions in the context of sustainability? Whatever it may be, you will find all our brochures down below! 

Efficient transport & storage

Thanks to the ingenious design of our structures, the cabins can be completely 'folded up'. This allows us to keep our carbon footprint during transport lower. This also translates into efficient storage.

Download the brochure on Transport & Storage down below.

Wall options

As you know by now, we can customise any structure. This means that we offer you an adapted design based on the needs of the structure. In the brochure you can discover all the different possibilities to design your Alpine Cabin.

Download the brochure on Wall Options down below.


Cabin Construct is strongly committed to sustainability. This is reflected in the way our structures are built, how we transport them, which materials we use, etc.

Download the brochure on Sustainability at Cabin Construct down below.


We regularly receive the same questions from our customers and partners. We have listed them below and answered them all. If you need more information, please contact us.